Kenosha bankruptcy divorce

7 Reasons to File Bankruptcy Before A Divorce

Divorce causes stress and amplified emotions for all family members. Once you realize you must also reconcile marital debt, you can double the stress for you and your spouse. Filing a Kenosha bankruptcy before divorcing, preferably jointly, can be a great solution to marital debt problems. We’ve put together a list of seven reasons why...
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Delavan real estate lawyer tips to market to millennials

Real Estate Lawyer Reveals 4 Smart Seller Tips

Today’s Delavan real estate buyers are savvier than ever. This is mainly because Millennials are now of home buying age and they are the most internet friendly generation that home buyers have ever encountered. Millennials have grown up with access to infinite information at their fingertips via the internet. They search and review everything online...
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Walworth County creditor bankruptcy attorney

Creditor Bankruptcy Attorney Answers 9 Commonly Asked Questions

As a Walworth County bankruptcy attorney who represents creditors, you can only imagine how many questions I get asked during initial consultations. I am more than happy to answer all of your questions. Creditors in bankruptcy have every right to be concerned about their owed debt. Depending on the type of bankruptcy the debtor has...
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Cheap Elkhorn Bankruptcy Attorney

Risks of Hiring a Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney

One of the most difficult hurdles Elkhorn bankruptcy clients face is paying bankruptcy attorney fees when they are already broke. However, the last thing an Elkhorn bankruptcy client should do is hire the cheapest bankruptcy attorney they can find. There are many low cost bankruptcy attorneys who advertise their cheap prices to unsuspecting clients, just...
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Lake Geneva real estate lawyer home offer tips

12 Tips to Make Your Real Estate Offer Irresistible

You finally found it. Your dream home. You are ready to make an offer. What should you do to make your home offer stand out above the rest? You never know how many other offers you are competing against. If you are serious, your methods need to be serious. Below are 12 tips to make...
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Lake Geneva estate planning lawyer last will and testament

Estate Planning Lawyer Lists 12 Reasons to Create a Last Will and Testament

Did you know that 51% of Americans between the ages of 55 and 64 do not have a Last Will and Testament? What is worse is that 62% of Americans ages 45-54 have not even drafted a Will. Whether we like it or not, tragedy can strike at any time, at any age. None of...
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Real Estate Attorney Lists 6 Tips for Landlords

Do you own and manage rental property in Walworth County? If so, this post could save you thousands of dollars.
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Union Grove Bankruptcy questions regarding children's assets

Are Children’s Assets Protected When Filing Bankruptcy?

We see many families with the need to file a Union Grove bankruptcy. A large percentage of these families consist of children. A common question and concern for families filing bankruptcy is, “Are my children’s assets protected when filing bankruptcy?” This is a great question. We have provided an in-depth answer to this frequently asked...
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Walworth County Real Estate Law Office Lawyer

HARP Extended Through 2016

The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) is a federal government mortgage refinance program launched in March 2009 that helps underwater homeowners refinance their mortgages. Underwater homeowners will receive new mortgage rates with lower monthly payments. If you owe more on your home than what your home is worth, then HARP may be the answer for...
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