20 Closing Nightmares

Our Delavan real estate attorney knows that when purchasing a home, not everything goes according to plan. Some mishaps could have devastating impacts on your home purchase and even stop the closing. When interacting with so many people (appraisers, buyer’s agent, seller’s agent, lenders, inspectors, title company personnel, insurance salespersons), you never know where a real estate nightmare will originate. Our Delavan real estate attorney lists 20 closing nightmares that could happen to you.
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Things That Can Go Wrong During a Delavan Real Estate Transaction

1. The Seller Doesn’t Show Up For The Closing
2. The Seller Doesn’t Fix Specified Repairs
3. The Title to the Home has Incurable Defects
4. The Home Has Several Liens Against It
5. The Home Is Destroyed By Nature or Fire Before Closing
6. No Insurance Company Will Insure the Home
7. The Home Doesn’t Pass Certain Inspections (i.e., Mold, Termites)
8. The Seller Hid a Home Defect
9. The Financial Institution Doesn’t Approve the Loan
10. The Appraiser Devalues the Home
11. The Home is Zoned Incorrectly
12. The Property Has Easement Issues
13. The Seller Leaves With Items Which Were Included in the Sale
14. The Seller Decides Not to Sell
15. The Seller Becomes Ill or Dies
16. A Real Estate Agent Acts Unprofessionally
17. New Home is Not Completed on Time
18. Financial Institution Goes Out of Business
19. Title Company Loses Paperwork
20. Seller Leaves Town Without Signing Paperwork


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The aforementioned problems are just a small list of literally hundreds of things that can go wrong during a real estate transaction. It is always smart to have an experienced Delavan real estate attorney on your side. You do not have to go through the real estate process alone. Our Delavan real estate attorney can help protect you from real estate transaction nightmares and take preventative measures to ensure your home purchase goes as planned. Contact our Delavan real estate attorney by phone at 262-725-0175 or by email via our website’s contact page. Wynn at Law, LLC has real estate offices in Lake Geneva, Salem, Muskego, and Delavan, Wisconsin.
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