How Much Does a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cost?

When considering a Walworth County bankruptcy filing, cost is top of mind. When you have a pile of bills, adding another one onto the heap doesn’t make you feel much better. One of the most common questions I am asked is, “How Much Does a Walworth County Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cost?”


Calculating the Cost of a Walworth County Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The cost of your Walworth County Chapter 7 bankruptcy is going to depend on the circumstances surrounding your case. The only way I could provide a real, and accurate, answer to this question is for you to schedule a free bankruptcy consultation with me. During the thorough, and free, bankruptcy consultation, I would hear the details surrounding your case, provide you with options, and quote you a fee. It is possible you may have other options available to you besides bankruptcy.

The promise I can provide is that the cost of a Walworth County Chapter 7 bankruptcy will cost less than the amount you’re paying monthly to try and catch up on bills. If bankruptcy is the best decision, we can talk about discontinuing payment on some of your bills and using that money toward your Walworth County Chapter 7 bankruptcy cost. This is because, once your bankruptcy is filed, ALL collections must immediately stop. If your bills are going to be discharged through bankruptcy in the near future, there is no reason to keep paying on them. Again, use that money toward your bankruptcy fees.


Do You Offer Payment Plans for a Walworth County Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing?

Yes! Wynn at Law, LLC makes the cost of a Walworth County Chapter 7 Bankruptcy affordable by offering payment plans. Our Walworth County bankruptcy office offers a $125 a month payment plan. If needed, we can also customize a payment plan just for you.


Schedule a Free Walworth County Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Consultation

Wynn at Law, LLC is here to assist you with your financial problems by offering free bankruptcy consultations. It costs you absolutely nothing to step into our bankruptcy office and receive a thorough review of your financial circumstances. Don’t waste another minute smothered in debt you cannot overcome. Schedule a free bankruptcy consultation today. You can reach our Walworth County Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney by phone at 262-725-0175 or by email via our website’s contact page. Wynn at Law, LLC has bankruptcy offices located in Lake Geneva, Delavan, Salem, and Muskego, Wisconsin.


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