Wisconsin 128 Debt Amortization Plan

A Wisconsin 128 debt amortization plan can be a great alternative to bankruptcy. Unlike a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a chapter 128 provides fast and effective relief without the hassle of a means test or liquidation of your assets.

Advantages Over Bankruptcy:

1. Less Expensive.
2. Unlike bankruptcy, all debts do not have to be included in your 128 plan.
3. No assets or property are put in jeopardy.
4. Can file more than once.
5. Can file after bankruptcy.
6. Alternative to bankruptcy if you do not qualify under the new bankruptcy code.
7. Not as harmful on your credit report.
8. Faster process than bankruptcy.

How A Chapter 128 Can Help You:

* Stop Garnishments
* Stop Debt from Accruing Interest
* Pay Off Debt in 3 Years or Less
* No Court Appearances in Most Cases

Eligibility Requirements:

1. Adult Wisconsin Resident
2. Principal source of income consists of wages or salary

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