Don’t Be Ashamed to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Are you afraid you may be ashamed of yourself if you file a Genoa City Chapter7 Bankruptcy? Do you feel like you may be doing something morally wrong? Don’t be. Getting your life back on track is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is the smart thing to do.

Credit Cards – Filing a Genoa City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

When you initially received your credit cards, you had full intentions of paying the debt. There should be no hard feelings over not being able to manage the payments now. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you received a pay decrease. Maybe you have financially suffered from huge medical bills. No matter the reason, don’t be ashamed. Unforeseen circumstances do not make you a bad person.

When credit card companies begin charging late fees and penalties while you are struggling to pay the debt down and doing what you think is morally right, they are only making it more difficult on you and your situation. Credit card companies don’t even give you a fighting chance and rarely want to work out a payment plan. This only gives you one option to overcome your financial situation, which is to file a Genoa City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. When you have to make a choice to either provide your family with the three basic needs of life: food, shelter, and water – or pay your credit card bills, the choice is not a hard one to make. Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will stop the bills from piling up and stop you from having to make those kind of choices. Our Genoa City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys have seen these types of cases many times.

Maybe you have already paid the credit card company back your entire initial amount that you “borrowed” and now you are really only paying back the high interest rate. This means they have already been making a profit from you. 22% interest rate just doesn’t seem morally right, either. In this case, maybe you can feel a bit better about the situation. A lot of maybes, I know, but rarely anyone runs up credit cards on purpose with the intentions of not paying them. That’s just not you.

Repossessions – Filing a Genoa City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

You need your vehicle to get to work. You need to work to make money. Money pays for the necessities of life – again, your food, shelter, water, heat, and other basic living needs. You can’t lose your vehicle because this means you won’t be able to provide any income to keep your family warm and healthy. You can’t lose your home or your family will have no shelter. When you get into this type of situation, the choice is easy. If you qualify, filing a Genoa City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will stop the repossession of your vehicle and stop the foreclosure of your home. Your family will be safe and warm. Also, the stress relief you will feel from not worrying day in and day out will make you much healthier as well.

Collection Agencies – Filing a Genoa City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Do you have collection agencies calling your phone nonstop? Is your mailbox full of letter after letter of collection agencies demanding payment? In truth, you owe your original creditor the monies due. Collection agencies have actually purchased the debt from the initial creditor. These collection agencies are now motivated to collect your debt in order to earn back the money they just paid for your debt, potentially making a profit. The only way to stop these collection agencies from harassing you day after day is to file a Genoa City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Don’t be ashamed of not paying the collection agencies. In reality, you do not owe them anything.

Medical Bills – Filing a Genoa City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Have you fallen behind on payments due to a medical emergency, disease, or surgery? These circumstances are literally out of your control. You cannot see the future. You did not anticipate medical problems. Foremost, you had to seek medical attention for your injury or illness and that is certainly not a crime. Your health is the most important thing you have and you should never feel ashamed to maintain it. You may not have had insurance to cover the costs. The medical facility may not have given you a deep discount on your debt like they do insurance companies. If they can give insurance companies deep discounts, can’t they give you one? Even if you had insurance, most of the time insurance does not cover 100% of the costs. When you are looking at $200,000 in medical costs, you still owe $20,000 if you had 90% coverage. Not many people have that type of money lying around. $200 is a struggle for most of us in this economy. Obviously, these costs are nothing anyone can possibly afford and you should in no way feel embarrassed. A Genoa City Chapter7 Bankruptcy can help stop the bills from coming in and put you in a place to get back on track with a fresh start.

Qualifying for a Genoa City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you are able to pay your main living expenses, but not your credit cards or medical bills, then you are a good candidate for a Genoa City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. If you qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you will be able to keep your house and vehicle. You will be able to remove all of your unsecured debt, such as credit cards, medical bills, and collection agency debts. Following a means test provided by our Genoa City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney, relief may be available to you under the bankruptcy law.

Understanding it is OK to File a Genoa City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing a Genoa City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is not something to be ashamed of. You are not a failure. Things in America are not as they used to be. Just think, major corporations have been filing bankruptcy for years now, in American – GM, Chrysler, Movie Gallery, Napster, Eddie Bauer, Blockbuster, Bloomingdale’s, Samsonite, Six Flags, Sizzler, KMart, Chicago Cubs, Chuck E. Cheese’s, Circuit City, Coach America, Polaroid Corporation, Fuddruckers, etc. Popular celebrities have filed bankruptcy and given themselves a fresh start, such as Donald Trump, Tia Carrere, Burt Reynolds, Toni Braxton, Willie Nelson, LaToya Jackson, Suge Knight, Mike Tyson, Larry King, Cyndi Lauper, Stephen Baldwin, MC Hammer, Gary Coleman, Kim Basinger, Mark Twain, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, and Abraham Lincoln (if the President can do it, so can you).

There is nothing dishonest or immoral about filing a Genoa City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Doing what is best to survive and care for your family is the right thing to do. Filing a Genoa City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will free you from stress, worry, anxiety, and enable you to perform better on a daily basis. The stress relief will place you in better health and help you avoid acquiring more medical bills. The Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing will stop the creditors from wasting time and money trying to collection from you and they can actually write your nonpayment off in their taxes as an uncollected debt. Everyone moves forward for the better. Bankruptcy was not created to humiliate people, it was created to give you a fresh start. In fact, the fresh start language has been written into the bankruptcy laws for hundreds of years. Why? Because life happens and we all deserve a fresh start, especially you.

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