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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers

People worry that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing will devastate their credit rating. It’s important to realize that late payments, repossessions, or loan delinquency can damage your credit score as much as, or even worse than, a bankruptcy.

We are Wynn at Law, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers, and we want you to feel comfortable with your decision to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy gives you the opportunity to eliminate a large portion of your unsecured debt — credit cards, personal loans, medical bills — while potentially retaining most of your assets and property. Plus, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is affordable through our payment plans starting at $125 per month. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a perfectly acceptable solution to your insurmountable debt in this difficult economy.

Wage Garnishment Lawyers

Bankruptcy laws are complex, but we will make sure to explain them to you in plain language. We want you to feel free to ask questions throughout the entire process. We will be with you every step of the way.

Following a means test, relief is available for clients under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. There are many things to remember, including:

  • Unsecured debt is eliminated.
  • There is no repayment plan.
  • A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing can stop wage garnishments and end lawsuits filed by creditors.

Contact us if you have questions about filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or the consequences of your filing. It is better to get a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer involved as soon as possible in the process.

Common Misconceptions About Bankruptcy

Too often, information is passed along by ‘word of mouth’ and it is difficult to get the correct answers to your questions. We recognize that people have many misconceptions regarding bankruptcy and the filing process. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Bankruptcy filings are not put in the newspaper or publicized.
  • You can file for bankruptcy alone — your spouse does not have to file with you.
  • Bankruptcy is less expensive than all the fees and late payment charges you will incur if you do not pay off your debt.
  • Most people do not lose their car or home.

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to call us for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy consultation.

Why Choose Wynn at Law, LLC for Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

There are many reasons to choose our bankruptcy law firm for your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. We have highlighted some of our accomplishments and features below.

  • Wynn at Law, LLC focuses on bankruptcy. We are not your average law firm that added bankruptcy as an additional service. Bankruptcy is one of our main focus. We see the bankruptcy trustee and courthouse personnel each week.
  • We offer a convenient payment plan for bankruptcy clients. We know you are struggling financially. You can choose between our standard payment plan or we can create a personalized payment plan just for you.
  • We were born and raised in Walworth County. We assist Southeastern Wisconsin residents with bankruptcy because we truly want to help our friends and neighbors in our local communities.
  • Wynn at Law, LLC offers a free, in-depth consultation for bankruptcy clients. Know your options.
  • Wynn at Law, LLC has a 100% bankruptcy discharge rate! Your bankruptcy case could not be in better hands.
  • You will not sit in a packed waiting room at any of our law offices. We will consult with you on time, every time.

Schedule your free, in-depth bankruptcy consultation with our Bankruptcy Attorneys today. You can reach Wynn at Law, LLC by phone at 262-725-0175 or by email via our contact pageOur law offices are located in Lake Geneva, WI, Delavan, WI, and Salem, WI, serving all of Southeastern Wisconsin.

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