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Whether you are the buyer or seller in a real estate transaction, it is always a good idea to have a qualified and knowledgeable real estate lawyer on your side. Real estate lawyers serve a crucial role in successful real estate transactions. Your lawyer can provide objective guidance throughout the process and work with you to improve many real estate situations, including:

  • Negotiation and Counteroffers 
  • Closing Transactions
  • Out-of-State Real Estate Investments
  • Offers to Purchase and Contingencies
  • Financing Options
  • Property Zoning and Land Use Planning
  • Deed Preparation
  • Foreclosures and Evictions
  • New Construction Advising
  • Adjoining Landowner Matters
  • Settling Disputes, Litigation, and More
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Please contact Wynn at Law, LLC at (262) 725-0175 if you are interested in buying or selling property or for help with any other real estate legal matters. Our real estate lawyers are active members of the Wisconsin Realtors Association and are available to address all of your questions and concerns. 

Wynn at Law, LLC represents buyers, sellers, lenders, investors, and developers in residential or commercial real estate matters. Wynn at Law, LLC’s lawyers are there from start to finish for our clients with three convenient office locations throughout Southeastern Wisconsin: Lake Geneva, Delavan, and Salem.

Residential Real Estate Law

Buying a home or selling your real estate is a significant decision with a large personal and financial stake. Regardless of your position in the transaction, it is important to have a knowledgeable real estate lawyer to provide objective guidance throughout the process.


If you are looking to purchase a house, a condominium, commercial building or vacant land – our lawyers can help. Wynn at Law, LLC will efficiently guide you through the process of buying your new property. The earlier we are involved, the more effective we can be in helping you through the complicated real estate transaction.

In the early stages of the home buying process our lawyers can provide the following services:

  • Advising on Pre-Qualification or Pre-Approval from a Mortgage Lender
  • Evaluating Financing Options
  • Advising and Reviewing Contracts with Real Estate Agents

Once you have found a property and are ready to place an offer, our lawyers will work with you (and your real estate agent – if applicable) on these tasks:

  • Negotiations with the Seller – Including Determining Contingencies
  • Drafting and Reviewing Offers or Counteroffers
  • New Construction and Building Advice
  • Document Preparation and Explanation
  • Land Use Planning and Zoning 

Finally, as you enter the final stages of your real estate purchase, our lawyers will help buyers to close successfully. Closing is when the property is officially transferred from the seller to the buyer. Wynn at Law, LLC’s lawyers will ensure that this process is smooth and help you to understand every document that you sign.


Wynn at Law, LLC also provides representation for sellers in residential and commercial real estate transactions. While many other individuals may be involved in real estate transactions – such as realtors, lenders, and title companies – your lawyer is there to represent your interests. 

As you begin the listing process with a real estate agent (or For Sale By Owner (FSBO)), you should contact a lawyer to review your options and prepare your real estate condition report. Once a buyer is interested in your property your lawyer will help prepare legal transaction documents, address contract negotiations, and review offer contingencies. When you are ready to accept an offer your lawyers can help you complete the sellers closing process and answer any questions you may have regarding the sale of your property.

Other Real Estate Legal Matters

Real estate law is a broad legal domain that covers buildings, land, zoning, and property usage. This becomes even more complex with local, state, and federal regulations. As a result, many real estate legal matters don’t fall into simple buying or selling transactions. Wynn at Law, LLC’s lawyers often help clients resolve other real estate matters, such as the ones listed below:

Commercial Real Estate

Wynn at Law, LLC assists rental property owners, real estate agents, financial institutions, residential and commercial construction companies, landlords leasing commercial space, and local businesses. Our experienced lawyers will work to resolve commercial real estate matters, including: 

  • Buying/Selling Real Estate Transactions
  • Real Estate Document Drafting and Review 
  • Real Estate Agent Assistance
  • Foreclosures, and More

Out-of-State Real Estate 

It is common for real estate sellers in our area to have interest from out-of-state residents. These out-of-state residents are typically looking to save money by moving a bit further from the Chicago metro area or they are looking for a second home as a lake house getaway. Wynn at Law, LLC can assist in real estate transactions with out-of-state residents that are looking to acquire property in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

Usage and Ownership Disputes

Walworth County is home to many beautiful lakes. Unfortunately, this often comes with disputes about the use and ownership of valuable lakefront property. Issues can arise over water access, the maintenance of piers/docks, and boat docking. If a real estate dispute escalates to the level of litigation, you will need the help of a lawyer to resolve the matter.

Zoning and Land Planning

Real estate lawyers can guide you through issues related to the legal use of your property. Wynn at Law, LLC will help you obtain permission for construction or navigate an issue related to zoning laws.

Property Tax Appeals

Cities in Walworth County and Kenosha County will occasionally increase property taxes based on the value of your home. You can file for an appeal if you believe that the updated property tax assessment is inaccurate. Our real estate lawyers can guide you through this process to ensure that your property taxes remain in line with the value of your home. 

In times of chaotic real estate markets, a lawyer’s assistance is especially important. Buying a foreclosed property, selling when the purchase price does not cover the mortgage amount (a short sale), and seller-financing are examples of situations in which the parties need sound legal advice.

Final Thoughts From our Real Estate Lawyers

The process of buying and selling a home consists of multiple steps that can take weeks, even months, to complete. Many people do not realize that their real estate agent is not licensed to explain the fine print in closing documents. Typically, these documents are created by the State of Wisconsin or Lenders and can be very difficult to understand without the aid of a real estate lawyer. By law, only a lawyer can provide you with legal advice – not a real estate agent, loan officer, or closing agent. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you need a real estate lawyer who will look out for your interests.

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