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Ways to take Title to Real Estate

If you are considering acquiring real estate with a spouse, family member, business partner, or any other individual, you will be required to specify how title will be taken to that property. In Wisconsin, there are three ways to take...
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taxes box on top of refund money

How Property Tax Appeals Function in Wisconsin

If you have recently purchased or remodeled a home, then you may have noticed your tax assessment increase. Tax assessments are performed annually and based off the previous year’s data as a way of reevaluating changes that may have affected...
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credit cards and cash for bankruptcy debt

My Credit Card Company has a Judgment against me

Now what do I do? Once a credit company obtains a judgement against a debtor for failure to pay a debt, the door is opened for the creditor to collect that debt through several methods. Debtors in this situation are...
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Do I need to update my estate planning after moving to Wisconsin?

Whenever you experience a change in circumstances, such as moving states and acquiring new property, it is always a good idea to review your estate planning with an attorney to ensure that it up to date with current state laws...
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petition to file for bankruptcy paperwork

The Intersection Between Filing for Divorce and Filing for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to discharge unwanted unsecured debt and get a fresh start on your finances. Unsecured debt is any debt that is not backed by an asset, such as credit cards, medical bills, payday...
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Small Estate Transfer by Affidavit

What does it cover and how does it work? Wisconsin’s Small Estate Affidavit statute allows estates under $50,000 to avoid probate and instead be transferred via affidavit. See Wis Stat. §867.03. It can be used by an heir, a trustee...
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Help! My Neighbor’s Trees are Hanging Over my Property Line

Issue – Overhanging Trees: Suppose your neighbor does not perform regular maintenance on trees located on your adjacent property line. As a result, the branches are overgrown, not pleasant-looking, and provide too much shade in an area that you had...
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Building on Vacant Land in Wisconsin: How to Purchase Land

If you’re thinking of sidestepping the housing shortage and bidding wars, buying a vacant lot to build your dream home may be the solution for you. Even if you do not know where to start, buying vacant land doesn’t need...
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Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Wisconsin: What You Should Know

Have you tried negotiating debt with your creditors but still struggle to handle all of your payments? If you answered yes, then filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Wisconsin may be a solution to minimize your debt load. Bankruptcy can...
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