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Wynn at Law, LLC has been representing clients in Lake Geneva for over a decade. Our knowledgeable attorneys have helped hundreds of Lake Geneva residents navigate complex legal issues. We will fight for the best outcome for your situation while ensuring that you are listened to, prepared, and respected throughout the process. 

Wynn at Law, LLC is proud to be a part of the Lake Geneva community. Attorney Shannon Wynn grew up and currently resides in Walworth County. This deep connection to the area allows our law firm to take a compassionate approach for helping our clients with bankruptcy, estate planning, real estate, probate, and other legal issues.

If you’re looking for an attorney in Lake Geneva, you deserve a Wynn! For more information about our legal services or practice areas, click on the links below.

Law Office Location

920 S Wells Street
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

If you have any questions, give us a call at (262) 725-0175.

This location frequently serves residents from across the greater Walworth County area including clients from Elkhorn, Burlington, Twin Lakes, and Genoa City. Wynn at Law, LLC also has office locations in Salem Lakes and Delavan

Our law firm is available during normal business hours 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. To best accommodate our clients, we request that all appointments be scheduled in advance. Please message, email, or call us to schedule an appointment at our Lake Geneva office.

Lake Geneva Wynn at Law, LLC law office

Wisconsin Legal Services and Practice Areas

You can view Wynn at Law, LLC’s areas of practice below, and learn more information with Wynn at Law, LLC’s helpful online resources.

Lake Geneva Real Estate Attorneys

Wynn at Law’s attorneys are prepared to assist you with all your Lake Geneva real estate needs. Our real estate attorneys are active members of the Wisconsin Realtors Association and have extensive experience representing buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords, and third-parties in real estate transactions. Regardless of your position in a real estate transaction, it is beneficial to work with an experienced real estate attorney. We often help our clients with:

  • Closing Transactions
  • Out-Of-State Real Estate Investments
  • Offers to Purchase and Counteroffers
  • Financing Options
  • Property Zoning and Land Use Planning
  • Title and Deed Preparation
  • Foreclosures
  • Title Insurance Review
  • Mortgage History Verification
  • Settling Disputes, Litigation, and More

Estate Planning Attorneys

Working with an estate planning attorney in Lake Geneva can provide peace of mind that your loved ones are protected. Wynn at Law’s attorneys use a compassionate and confidential approach to help individuals in Lake Geneva manage their estate. Preparing your estate planning documents, gifting/inheritance, wills, trusts, and healthcare instructions are important to make sure that your end-of-life plans are followed and that financial assets are transitioned properly.

Probate Attorneys

The death of a loved one can be a very difficult time. This experience is worsened when having to deal with probate or a dispute about the will of the deceased. Our experienced probate attorneys will help you honor the deceased’s last wishes and fight on your behalf for the proper distribution of assets. Wynn at Law, LLC can relieve some of your stress during this emotional situation by handling letters to creditors, compiling final accounting, and more.

Foreclosure, Debt Relief, and Bankruptcy Attorneys

If you are facing overwhelming debt, our attorneys can help. We will work with you to identify the best solution for your situation. Our approach makes sure that you understand your options and that all of your questions are answered during this difficult economic time. We have helped other Lake Geneva clients that were facing foreclosure, asset repossession, mounting credit card bills, and medical debt.

Corporate Legal Assistance

Wynn at Law, LLC provides several forms of legal assistance for Lake Geneva’s corporate clients. We have helped businesses manage complex legal issues including foreclosure, contracts, real estate transactions, litigation, and debt collection. Our experienced attorneys work alongside your corporate team to help develop and execute legal strategies that will protect your business and safeguard your assets. Allow our team to help you, so that your company can move forward with business as usual.

Other Lake Geneva Legal Advice

If you have other legal issues that are not listed here, we still encourage you to contact Wynn at Law, LLC. We will schedule a meeting at our Lake Genova office to discuss your questions and concerns.

Free Legal Consultation for bankruptcy

Lake Geneva Testimonials and Reviews

Our personalized approach, the expertise of our attorneys, and our winning record have earned us an excellent reputation in Lake Geneva. We are proud to have a 5-star rating on Google and Facebook from our past clients. Check out what some of your neighbors have said about their experience working with Wynn at Law, LLC.

It’s been said that lawyers don’t know the law so much as they know how to apply the law. The people at Wynn At Law know the law and know how to apply it as well.

But as important as their legal knowledge, experience, and professionalism is, there is an intangible quality that I can’t think of a word for. You don’t feel like you’re in a law office. It’s more like you’re talking with a friend or relative or comrade in arms. That easily established rapport provides a comfort zone that puts you at ease and gives you the feeling that even if things are going badly, it’s not the end of the world. To paraphrase a line from a well-known insurance ad, “You’re in good hands with Wynn At Law.”

– Bill (Lake Geneva, WI)


“Shannon is extremely knowledgeable and explains anything and everything that you may have questions about and puts it into layman’s terms so it’s easier to understand. She’s also very personable and a pleasure to talk with. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for legal Assistance or advice. She’s just a pleasure to be around. All smiles”

– Jeremy (Lake Geneva, WI)


“Attorney Shannon Wynn did an excellent job of keeping me informed. I never had to guess at anything. She gives very clear directions and outlined what my expectations are and what her expectations are at the very first appointment. There were no hidden surprises. She followed my case from start to finish in under 6 months. I could send her an e-mail any time, and she would respond back in a timely fashion. She is very dependable and never made me feel ashamed of my debt. Making that first call to an attorney is probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but I am sure happy that I called Shannon Wynn.”

– Kathy (Lake Geneva, WI)


If you have had a great experience working with Wynn at Law, LLC, we would love to hear about it.


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