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Your Estate Planning Toolbox: The Will

In a previous article, Wynn at Law, LLC, highlighted why the holidays are an ideal time to discuss your estate planning needs. The old adage ‘there’s no time like the present’ holds true with estate planning. So, here is a little more detail on the most common, and sometimes overlooked, planning tool: The Will. There are...
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Practice good estate planning during holiday gatherings

There isn’t a better time to review a will, trust, or other estate planning documents than the convenient time of holiday gatherings. Wynn at Law, LLC definitely realizes how this could be a delicate or somber talk during what should be fun events. However, the family will appreciate it later when they seek clarity on...
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In real estate law, there’s no such thing as an ‘easy’ easement

In the earlier series on real estate closing, Wynn at Law, LLC mentioned easements. In fact, we bring up the topic every time we review a title or write an article about one. The reason is simple, just like the old proverb that good fences make good neighbors: Clearly defined easements keep property owners out...
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The Real Estate Transaction, Part III: Closing and Beyond

Part I of this short series on real estate transactions covered the property title. Part II looked at title insurance. Both set the stage for a smooth closing, which is how this real estate series wraps up. Wynn at Law, LLC takes on five roles for the client – homebuyer or seller – during the...
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The Real Estate Transaction, Part II: Title Insurance

.Part I of this short series on real estate transactions (read it here) talked about the title to the property. We saved title insurance for Part II. It’s its own animal. Title insurance protects the buyer and the mortgage lender in the event a future problem is found with the title. Having an experienced Wisconsin...
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The real estate transaction, Part I: The property title

When a legal issue arises out of a real estate transaction, it often involves the title. Wynn at Law, LLC won’t let you go to closing without a title in good order or “clean title”, regardless of whether you’re the seller or the buyer about to get the title. Backtracking a little bit… the title...
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Check your beneficiaries lately?

Wynn at Law LLC always encourages estate planning clients to check who they’ve elected as beneficiaries of their accounts and policies. Not all assets are distributed by or through a will. Some accounts, such as retirement funds and life insurance policies, let owners name beneficiaries for that particular asset. Here are a couple of examples...
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Despite the waning of foreclosures, it is still ‘Buyer Beware’

There are two particular situations when we encourage Wynn at Law, LLC real estate clients to do as much home-buying due diligence as possible: Foreclosures and Relocations.
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Skipping the real estate inspection can be costly

Wynn at Law, LLC knows the cost of a real estate inspection may seem a little bit steep with all the other closing expenses to bear, but it’s well worth it in the end. The cost will vary based on the size of the house, but between $300 and $500 is a good estimate in Walworth...
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