Bankruptcy Lawyer Lists Questions Asked by Trustee During A 341 “Meeting of Creditors”

When you file a Kenosha bankruptcy, whether it be a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13, you must attend a meeting of creditors. During the meeting of creditors, the bankruptcy trustee will verify the information in your bankruptcy petition. At the meeting, you will be placed under oath and you must answer questions in regard to the accuracy of information in your bankruptcy paperwork. The bankruptcy trustee will be looking for omitted assets, undisclosed income, fraudulent information, and any other signs that there may be money or assets to benefit creditors. Our Kenosha bankruptcy lawyer wants you to know that the series of questions asked by the trustee is no cause for anxiety or alarm. If you completed your Kenosha bankruptcy paperwork honestly and accurately, the meeting of creditors will be quick and painless.

What Will the Kenosha Bankruptcy Trustee Ask Me at the Meeting of Creditors?

Kenosha bankruptcy lawyer trustee questionsFirst and foremost, the bankruptcy trustee will ask for your Driver’s License and Social Security Card to verify your identity. Then, the trustee will swear you in. In most cases, only you, our Kenosha bankruptcy lawyer, and the bankruptcy trustee will attend the meeting. Although creditors have the right to attend the meeting and ask you questions, it is very rare for any creditors to appear at the meeting.

Next, the bankruptcy trustee will verify the information in your bankruptcy paperwork. The Kenosha bankruptcy trustee has the authority to ask you about anything that may affect your bankruptcy. Most of the questions asked by the bankruptcy trustee will concern your income, assets, and debt. The specific questions asked will depend on the bankruptcy trustee and the type of bankruptcy you filed. Remember, our Kenosha bankruptcy lawyer will be at the meeting with you to clarify any questions you may not understand.

Kenosha Bankruptcy Lawyer Provides Common Questions Asked by Bankruptcy Trustee

Below you will find a list of the most common questions asked by a bankruptcy trustee:

1. What is your name, address, and telephone number?
2. Did you review and are you familiar with all information contained in your bankruptcy paperwork?
3. Did you read and sign your bankruptcy petition and schedules before you filed them with the court?
4. Is the information contained in your bankruptcy paperwork complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge?
5. Did you list all of your assets?
6. Did you disclose all of your income?
7. What is your gross monthly income?
8. Are all creditors listed in your bankruptcy paperwork?
9. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy before?
10. Has anything changed since you filed your bankruptcy paperwork?
11. Are you required to pay alimony or child support?
12. Have you given away any property or assets in the last two years?
13. Do you have a business or own any interest in a business?
14. Are you the beneficiary of any trust?
15. Does anyone owe you any money?
16. Are you currently part of any lawsuit?
17. Has your Kenosha bankruptcy lawyer explained the bankruptcy process to you?

As a Kenosha bankruptcy lawyer, my experience shows that knowing what the bankruptcy trustee may ask you at the meeting of creditors helps reduce any stress you may have before the meeting. The meeting should last approximately fifteen minutes as long as you have been completely accurate and honest when completing your bankruptcy paperwork.

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