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Wynn at Law, LLC, assures clients that a bankruptcy filing isn’t an ending, it’s a beginning and the beginning, while sometimes a little rocky, starts right after a judge discharges your bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing stays on a FICO record (aka ‘credit score’) for 10 years from the date you file your bankruptcy....
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Elkhorn bankruptcy lawyer lists signs living beyond your means
Maybe you don’t think it’s a problem. Maybe you don’t think it’s that big of a problem. (“It” being your financial situation) You’re falling behind on bills, making partial payments to creditors, and robbing Peter to pay Paul. But, it’s not that big of a deal. You’ll catch up soon, right? “Right” is most likely...
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WE Energies Allient Energy disconnection Union Grove bankruptcy
Our Union Grove bankruptcy lawyer, Shannon Wynn, noticed a trend this month. Quite a few people landed on our bankruptcy website from searching for the terms “Does Chapter 13 Stop WE Energies”, “Will Alliant Energy Disconnect in the Winter”, and other various search terms under this topic. In this post, Attorney Shannon Wynn wants to...
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Elkhorn Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyer
If you have been struggling with debt, now may be the best time to consider filing for bankruptcy. For starters, with the holidays ahead you could dig yourself deeper into debt. Our Elkhorn, Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyer, Shannon Wynn, lists four reasons why you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy before the holidays.
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East Troy Bankruptcy Lawyer Stops Wage Garnishment Before Holidays
Are you facing wage garnishment? Can you afford to have your wages garnished? Many people, just like you, are struggling from paycheck to paycheck just to pay their mortgage or rent, utilities, and groceries. When wages are garnished against a person in this type of financial strain, it may mean that person or family cannot...
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Elkhorn bankruptcy attorney
Elkhorn bankruptcy attorney Shannon Wynn knows that fall and winter are the hardest times of year to save money. Your gas bill goes up. Your electric bill skyrockets. Your vehicle is using more gas. You’re spending money on holiday dinners and holiday gifts. Property taxes are due just one short month after Christmas. How can...
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Walworth County bankruptcy attorney lists filing mistakes
Mistakes can cost you big time when it comes to filing for bankruptcy. Whether you attempt it alone or hire a knowledgeable Walworth County bankruptcy attorney, making mistakes is something you definitely want to avoid. One little mistake could cost you everything. Our Walworth County bankruptcy attorney, Shannon Wynn, shares common mistakes people make when...
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Elkhorn WI Chapter 7 Bankruptcy vs Elkhorn WI Chapter 128 bankruptcy
With all the different bankruptcy types, it can get a bit confusing to someone who is new to bankruptcy. What do all these numbers mean? In this post, our Elkhorn, WI Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney explains what the difference is between an Elkhorn, WI Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and an Elkhorn, WI Chapter 128 Debt Amortization...
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Elkhorn Chapter 7 Bankruptcy stops wage garnishments
If your wages are being garnished, or you know they will be, filing an Elkhorn Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will most likely stop the wage garnishment. An Elkhorn Chapter 7 Bankruptcy stops most wage garnishments because the moment you file a bankruptcy petition, an automatic stay immediately goes into effect.
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Positive outcomes to a Walworth County bankruptcy
Filing a Walworth County bankruptcy is a major decision that no one takes lightly. Although we all want to pay all of our bills in full, sometimes, life gets in the way. We may encounter an illness, a divorce, a medical emergency, or another predicament that results in uncontrollable debt. Bankruptcy laws were designed to...
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