Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Which Debts Can Be Wiped Out?

Most Burlington, Wisconsin residents who file for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will be able to have most, if not all, of their debts discharged, or “wiped out”. This means you will not be liable for the debt. Any collection attempts from the creditor will be prevented. To many, this means peace of mind and peace and quiet from collection phone calls and letters. You will be legally free of all debts that are discharged after a successful Burlington Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Who Can File a Burlington Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Of course, first you must be eligible to file a Burlington Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. You cannot file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy if you have already received a bankruptcy discharge in the last six to eight years (length of time varies) or if you are able to complete a Chapter 13 Repayment Plan (based on your income, expenses, debt, and more). To determine if you are eligible to complete a Burlington, Wisconsin Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, please contact my bankruptcy law firm to discuss further.

Which Debts Can Be Discharged in a Burlington, Wisconsin Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

After you have been proven eligible to file for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, next comes the big question: Which debts can be wiped off your “Due and Owing” list?

To begin, only debts that occurred before your date of filing a Burlington Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be eligible for discharge. Therefore, filing for bankruptcy at just the right time is paramount. However, do not believe you can rack up credit card debt on luxuries right before you file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. If you do, you can rest assured those debts Will Not be discharged. Honesty is key.

Learn which debts can be wiped out after a successful Burlington, Wisconsin Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Scroll through the list below to learn about the most common debts discharged in a Burlington, Wisconsin Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

• credit card charges and fees
• medical bills
• utility bills
• department store cards
• business debts
• past due rent or any other money owed under a lease agreement
• payday loans
• civil court judgments
• auto accident claims
• unpaid IRS taxes and penalties
• attorney fees
• government benefit overpayments
• personal loans from family and friends
• amounts owed to bank from “insufficient funds” checks
• repossession balances

Of course, there are special circumstances for almost each of the items listed above. To learn which of your debts can be legally discharged or “wiped out” in a Burlington, Wisconsin Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, please contact me, Shannon Wynn, by phone at 262.725.0175 or by email via my contact page.

Burlington Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Wisconsin

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