Don’t Let Christmas Cause Bankruptcy

People tend to get a bit crazy during the Christmas season. We over do it on decorations, gifts, and a large family dinner. Don’t let the lack of self control cause you to file an East Troy bankruptcy. Instead, implement our tips below to have a fulfilling, yet thrifty Christmas.


thrifty Christmas to avoid East Troy bankruptcy10 Christmas Money Savings Tips to Avoid Filing an East Troy Bankruptcy

1. Although it is late to start this idea in 2014, putting aside a little money each week will help you achieve your Christmas budget goals slowly. You won’t have to spend a large sum of money in a short period of time. Some banks even offer Christmas saving programs. The new year is almost here. Why not make a Christmas savings plan?

2. Pay your bills! I can’t say this enough. Not paying bills in order to have Christmas spending money is just plain wrong. It is going to be harder for you to financially catch up afterwards and can easily cause you to end up filing an East Troy bankruptcy. Pay bills first and what is left, is left.

3. Thin out your Christmas list. If you have a large list of names to buy for, then it is time to slim that list down. Only buy gifts for those especially close to you. Mail Christmas cards to co-workers, friends, distant family members, etc. The sentiment in a card is just as nice as a gift.

4. Buy meal items earlier in the year. Some grocery item prices increase right before the holidays. Buy items when they are on sale at the supermarket all throughout the year. Then, store or freeze the items until holiday dinner time.

5. Ask family members to bring a dish. This is another great way to save on holiday dinner expenses. Ask family members to bring a dish to pass. Splitting holiday dinner expenses between several family members will make your pocket book smile.

6. Fill dinner guests up on vegetables and mashed potatoes. It’s true. You can spend less money on huge amounts of expensive meat and more on vegetables and potatoes. Vegetables and potatoes are much cheaper and still traditional dishes.

7. Don’t buy pre-packaged dinner items. When shopping for holiday dinner items, you will notice delicious looking covers on pre-packaged food items, such as cheese and cracker plates, veggie platters, holiday dips, pre-made pies, cookies, etc. Don’t be tempted to take the quick and easy route. You will save much more money by baking or creating these items yourself. Plus, they will definitely taste better, too!

8. Re-gift when possible. There is no need to rush out and buy expensive gifts that drain your pocket book, forcing you into filing an East Troy bankruptcy after the holiday season. Instead, if you have nice, new items lying around the house that you do not use, re-gift those items.

9. Don’t go overboard on decorations. You probably have plenty of holiday decorations already. If not, go outside into nature and see what you can find for free. You can also consider creating DIY crafts from things you already have around the house or from outside. A quick Google search should get you on your way.

10. Start a gift exchange tradition. If you have a large family, maybe it is time to start drawing names out of the hat and performing a gift exchange. This means you only have to buy for one person, but the whole family will still be together and will still open gifts as usual. Hint: Buying gifts in the five days before Christmas will get you the best bargains as stores are trying to clear out shelves before the “big day”.

These ten tips will help you stay on track with your bills, save on holiday shopping, and prepare a thrifty, but delicious, Christmas dinner. You must stick to the plan to avoid overspending and putting your finances into arrears. Christmas doesn’t have to cause an East Troy bankruptcy filing. This year, rejoice more in being together and place less emphasis on unnecessary, extravagant gifts and decorations.


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