Fall is a Great Time to Buy a Home in Walworth County

Fall is one of the best times to purchase real estate in Walworth County. Although spring is normally considered the best time to purchase real estate, the autumn season can be an even better time to purchase. Our Walworth County real estate attorney, Shannon Wynn, lists several reasons why in the list below.


7 Reasons Fall is a Great Time to Buy Real Estate in Walworth County

1. Your competition is reduced. Many home buyers are looking to get into that new home before the school year starts. In the fall, those buyers are out of the picture.

walworth county real estate attorney fall2. Home prices are reduced. “Home sellers who did not sell their home during the prime market real estate season of spring and summer are eager to make a sale before winter,” explains Walworth County real estate attorney, Shannon Wynn.

3. Home sellers are more desperate. Home sellers who listed with too high of a sale price or who have had no action on their home listing are eager to make a deal. Sellers want their homes sold before the stagnant winter real estate season and before the holidays.

4. You can get a better price. Not only are home prices being reduced, but negotiations are more likely to go in the buyers’ favor. “With fewer buyers on the scene and a long winter approaching, home sellers are more likely to take a much lower offer,” states Walworth County real estate attorney, Shannon Wynn.

5. There are more time-sensitive home sales. Many homes that are listed in the fall are time-sensitive sales. These sellers didn’t decide to put their home up for sale in the spring and wait around until they were offered a good price. These are home sellers who need to move because of a job, a family situation, or because their new construction home is finished. These sellers more determined to make a sale quickly.

6. You can get a serious tax break. “Mortgage interest and property taxes are tax deductible, even if you close on your new home in December. Any payments you make before closing are also tax-deductible. This can really make a difference in your owed taxes,” states Attorney Shannon Wynn.

7. Your buyer’s agent gives you more attention. Since real estate agents are busier during the prime spring and summer seasons, they don’t have as much attention to give you. During the fall, there are less home buyers. Because of this, real estate agents can provide you with much more detailed attention. This is also true for mortgage lenders, moving companies, and other real estate related companies.


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Our Walworth County Real Estate Attorney, Shannon Wynn, assists home buyers with reviewing offers and counteroffers, evaluating financing options, reviewing title commitments, reviewing closing documents, and much more. By law, only an attorney can provide you legal advice – not a real estate agent, loan officer, or closing agent. It is always a good idea to have a qualified and knowledgeable Walworth County real estate attorney in your corner. Contact Shannon Wynn to discuss your real estate needs. She can be reached by phone at 262-725-0175. Wynn a Law, LLC has real estate law offices located in Lake Geneva, Salem, Muskego, and Delavan, Wisconsin.
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