Information and Documents Needed to File Your Federal and Wisconsin Income Taxes

When you know what information you need beforehand, Federal and Wisconsin tax return filing becomes a lot easier. Use this handy list to help you prepare for Federal and Wisconsin income tax return filing.

1. If you are filing your income taxes in person with a CPA or another business, such as H&R Block, be sure to bring photo identification, such as your Driver’s License and Social Security cards for all adults.

2. You will need to know the date of birth and social security numbers for everyone in your household. This includes your spouse, children, and any other person living with you for whom you provided care during the tax year.

3. Current address and relationship to you of all individuals you provided care to during the tax year.

4. W-2s from every job held during the tax year for all individuals in your household.

5. Any 1099s received by any person in your household. Common 1099s indicate interest earned, refunds received, social security, loans, reimbursements, last year’s State of Wisconsin refund, winnings, etc.

6. Any 1098s received. 1098s report payments you have made, such as school loans.

7. Any 1095 received showing credit from the marketplace (health insurance).

8. Statements from your bank accounts showing savings and investments.

9. Your bank’s routing number and the account number which you would like your refund direct deposited in, if you choose the direct deposit option.

10. Last year’s Federal and Wisconsin tax returns, if you have them.

11. Any property tax paid on your home.

12. Home improvement expenses, if deductible. Sometimes certain energy star appliances, doors, and windows are deductible.

13. Medical expenses and miles driven for medical purposes (to and from your doctor). This includes dentist, eye doctor, general practitioner, hospital expenses, specialists, prescription medications, over the counter medicine, dietary food items, and medical equipment.

14. Interest paid on your mortgage.

15. Childcare expenses. This pertains to daycare expenses you pay a childcare provider. You will need their tax information.

16. Business expenses, such as required uniforms, meters paid for parking, miles driven, hotels, cabs, airplane tickets, etc. If self employed, this also includes office equipment purchased, insurance paid, advertising expenses, office supplies, etc.

17. Moving expenses, if related to your job.

18. Amount or value of charitable donations given.

19. Gambling losses.

20. Cost of last year’s income tax return filing.

21. Any vehicle sales tax paid.

22. Mortgage points.

23. Hobby expenses.

24. Out-of-Pocket expenses paid by teachers for items used in the classroom.

25. Expenses related to job searching, such as the cost of printing resumes.

Remember, you must keep a copy of your tax records for seven years. Your Federal and Wisconsin income tax returns must be postmarked by April 15, 2015.

There are two new features available from the IRS this year. First, the IRS allows you to get your tax transcripts for free online. To get a free transcript online, you must have a Social Security Number and access to your email account to confirm your email address. Then, you’ll need to answer some personal, financial, and tax related questions to verify your identity.

The second new featured offered by the IRS this year is if your debt to the IRS is less than $25,000 total, you can get set up an installment agreement online to make monthly payments. Before applying for any payment agreement, you must file all required tax returns.

If you have questions regarding Federal or Wisconsin income tax returns, bankruptcy, or debt repair, please contact Wynn at Law, LLC. Our expert debt attorney can answer your questions. Wynn at Law, LLC has offices in Lake Geneva, Salem, and Delavan, Wisconsin. You can reach our Wisconsin tax attorney by phone at 262-725-0175 or by email via our website’s contact page.

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