Practice good estate planning during holiday gatherings

There isn’t a better time to review a will, trust, or other estate planning documents than the convenient time of holiday gatherings. Wynn at Law, LLC definitely realizes how this could be a delicate or somber talk during what should be fun events. However, the family will appreciate it later when they seek clarity on your intended handling of your assets.

A lot can happen between one year’s holiday celebrations and the next. Some people pass, little ones are added to the family, sometimes relationships change for the better or worse. The value of your assets could change, too – hopefully upward. Your will, trust, insurance policy beneficiaries, gifts, and ownership interests, as a result, could change as well.

Use your best resource

Everyone should consider having an experienced estate planning attorney assist them in drafting or changing these estate planning documents. For example, Wynn at Law, LLC has worked on wills and trusts for single clients and couples in all stages of life, even couples or grandparents seeking to take care of minor children.

Estate planning is a broad, sometimes intimidating term. But it’s simply about caring. You decide how your assets are to be passed on to others. So, estate planning is about generosity first and foremost. It’s also about consideration of your family’s time, as well, because you can avoid questions, fights, and even probate by clarifying your wishes. A third objective also shows your caring and forethought by minimizing state and federal taxes your heirs may face.

Why you won’t delay

Often times, people will think about the changes they will want to make in beneficiaries once they’ve been reminded by seeing everyone over the dinners and celebrations. They are the clients who make appointments for January.

But, it’s very easy to sit down with an attorney before and during the holidays because the family is gathered near. Sometimes signatures might be required. A Power of Attorney might need to be appointed or changed. Is there a better time than when loved ones are gathered together? Ensure your loved ones are taken care of in the future this holiday season.


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