Real Estate Lawyer Lists 10 Tips for Selling Your Home in 2015

Winter is becoming a thing of the past. The snow is melted, the sun is shining, spring is here. Spring is a great time to sell your Lake Geneva real estate. A Lake Geneva home shows better without the cold and snow. You can also take sunny, updated photographs of your home without snow on the ground. Our Lake Geneva real estate lawyer is helping you obtain the best price for your home in 2015 by sharing these top home selling tips.
Lake Geneva real estate lawyer home selling tips

10 Tips for Selling Your Home in 2015 From Your Lake Geneva Real Estate Lawyer

1. Fix the small things. Fixing the little things around the house makes for a big payoff. Our Lake Geneva real estate lawyer recommend fixing: paint, squeaky doors, cabinet pulls, door handles, burnt light bulbs, leaky faucets, dirty windows, new caulking, etc.

2. Hide your pets. Firstly, do not allow photos of your home that include your pet. Not everyone loves a cuddly dog or cat. Some home buyers may have allergies to pets and immediately be driven away. Some home buyers may see your pet in photographs and feel the house may smell bad or they may consider the expense of cleaning carpets to remove pet hair. Secondly, potential buyers do not want to walk through your home and see dog food or smell kitty litter. Hide the food bowls. Remove pets from your Lake Geneva home during showings and open houses.

3. Hire a professional and motivated real estate agent. Of course you can sell your home by owner, but reaching the masses on your own is going to be much more difficult than if you hire a professional. If you want your Lake Geneva home to sell faster, you need to partner with an experienced real estate professional. Your Lake Geneva real estate professional should be “on the ball” and not “dropping the ball”. Make sure plenty of photos are taken of your home. Make sure all photos are listed on appropriate websites (,, agency website, etc.) and the Multiple Listing Service. Make sure price reductions, description edits, and new photographs are updated in a timely manner. Did you list your Lake Geneva home for sale in the winter? Has your agent been out to take new photographs this spring? Home buyers in May are not finding snow covered homes appealing. Is your agent tech savvy? How many websites is your home listed on? Is your home being shared in social media? Learn what type of advertising is being done to market your home.

4. You have one shot at selling to a potential home buyer. Our Lake Geneva real estate lawyer needs you to understand that there are no second chances. The first walk-through will be the only impression the potential buyers have of your home. It’s important to make that impression count. Be sure the home seems inviting and clean from the exterior. Many home buyers judge a home from the exterior before they even set foot inside a home. Be sure the home is clean on the inside. Use plug-ins, sprays, fresh flowers, candles to make the home smell wonderful. Leave some music playing to set the tone of a cozy, welcoming home. Leave out refreshments and treats.

5. Remove personal belongings from view. Potential home buyers need to visualize your home as their future home. To help them do this, remove all personal and personalized items from view before showings and open houses. Personal items include: family photographs, purses, wallets, personalized towels and other items, knick knacks, keepsakes, etc. Remember, less equals more. The less “stuff” around your home the better. Staging your home with just the basics will showcase your home in its best light to potential home buyers.

6. Brighten the interior. Most home buyers are not dreaming of living in a cave. Brighten up your home. Make your Lake Geneva home bright, sunny, and cheerful. Our Lake Geneva real estate lawyer suggests that you: remove dark curtains, wash your windows, clean your mirrors, clean and dust light fixtures, replace burnt light bulbs, increase wattage of light bulbs, clean and open the blinds, and repaint using lighter colors.

7. Reduce clutter in small spaces. Space is something every home buyer is looking for. Make smaller spaces seem larger by removing clutter and organizing, especially in storage spaces. A few good examples of small spaces to clean and empty are: cupboards, closets, laundry rooms, and kitchen counters.

8. Spend the most time remodeling and cleaning the kitchen. If you are short on time and reinvestment money, the kitchen is your number one priority. Be sure the kitchen is light, bright, clean, and clear of clutter. It is not unusual for a kitchen to sell a home. Its good news to know that kitchen remodeling produces the best return on investment when selling a home. If your kitchen is dated, and you have the funds, update it. Replace countertops, cupboards, cabinet hardware, paint, backsplash tile, appliances, and light fixtures. Rearrange to give the impression of a large area, ample counter space, and plenty of storage. The kitchen should always be bright and clean.

9. Don’t turn away potential home buyers. You need to be available to show your home any time to anyone. Your house should always be ready to show to home buyers. Being unavailable is a costly mistake that will leave your home on the market much longer.

10. Price it right. Have your Lake Geneva real estate agent prepare a Comparative Market Analysis on your home. Learn what price other homes have sold for in your area. An experienced agent can help set the perfect price for attracting bids from home buyers.


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