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The Last Will and Testament and other forms of the Will were covered in our most recent article. Often going alongside a Will is one or more trusts. A revocable living trust is the tool in the Estate Planning Toolbox for holding and distributing a person’s assets to avoid probate. In its simplest definition, the...
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wisconsin estate planning toolbox
In a previous article, Wynn at Law, LLC, highlighted why the holidays are an ideal time to discuss your estate planning needs. The old adage ‘there’s no time like the present’ holds true with estate planning. So, here is a little more detail on the most common, and sometimes overlooked, planning tool: The Will. There are...
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There isn’t a better time to review a will, trust, or other estate planning documents than the convenient time of holiday gatherings. Wynn at Law, LLC definitely realizes how this could be a delicate or somber talk during what should be fun events. However, the family will appreciate it later when they seek clarity on...
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Power of Attorney for Healthcare A Power of Attorney for Healthcare designates someone to represent you when you are unable to make decisions or unable to communicate decisions about your healthcare. This healthcare “agent” will be someone you trust to make all necessary medical decisions on your behalf and respect your wishes regarding life support,...
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Walworth County estate planning attorney
After a loved one or close friend dies in Walworth County, you may not know what to do. During this time of grief, it can be extremely difficult to thoroughly address the details of an estate. Clients often ask us what they need to do after the death of a loved one in Walworth County....
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walworth county digital estate planning assets
Are you addressing your digital assets when planning your Walworth County estate? Digital assets do not solely affect younger generations, they affect all generations. Now that our digital world involves social media, emails, online investing, cloud storage, and more, you must address what will happen to your digital assets after your death.
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retirement account planning in Southeastern Wisconsin
Retirement account planning can get a bit stressful when you first begin planning. There are so many options, and the legal jargon can go above our heads. It is very hard to figure out the difference between each type of retirement plan. What do all of the retirement plan definitions mean? Our Southeastern Wisconsin Retirement...
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