4 Reasons to File Bankruptcy Before the Holidays

If you have been struggling with debt, now may be the best time to consider filing for bankruptcy. For starters, with the holidays ahead you could dig yourself deeper into debt. Our Elkhorn, Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyer, Shannon Wynn, lists four reasons why you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy before the holidays.


4 Reasons To File an Elkhorn, Wisconsin Bankruptcy Before the Holidays

Elkhorn Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyer1. Stop accruing more debt during the holiday season. You are already in debt. The last thing you need is even more debt. Family dinner ingredients, travel expenses, and gifts can put you past the point of no return. If you file bankruptcy before the holidays, you won’t use your credit cards to pay for holiday expenses and gifts. Our Elkhorn, Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyer, Shannon Wynn, wants to remind you that paying for holiday gifts on your credit cards may prolong or prevent you from filing bankruptcy. The bankruptcy trustee may think you purposely racked up credit bills for fraudulent reasons. You may not get these charges discharged.

2. Stop embarrassing phone calls while hosting family, guests, and holiday parties. The last thing you want happening while entertaining family and friends is for your phone to be ringing off the hook with bill collectors on the other end. Not only is this situation embarrassing, but it is also depressing. The holidays are hard enough without being reminded about your financial problems. Our Elkhorn, Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyer, Shannon Wynn, wants you to know that as soon as you file for bankruptcy, all collection attempts must stop, including letters and phone calls. So, you won’t have to hide your mail during the holidays, either.

3. Start budgeting now, before spending even more on holiday items. Budgeting isn’t fun, but it is important. With the holidays approaching, you may be considering spending money on decorations, food, and gifts. Can you even afford all of this right now? Start a budget now while filing for bankruptcy to keep your finances in check.

4. Start 2017 with a clean slate. Wouldn’t it be great to start the new year debt free? Think of the great New Year resolutions you can make regarding your spending habits. No more collection attempts. The New Year is the perfect time to start rebuilding your credit. It’s a second chance for a fresh start.


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If you are dreading the holiday season because of your financial situation, give us a call. Don’t put yourself further into debt. Don’t ruin your chances of ever being able to file for bankruptcy by racking up more credit card debt during the holidays. Now is the perfect time to strategize wisely about your finances. Before the holiday bills hit you like a freight train, contact our Elkhorn, Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyer, Shannon Wynn. You can schedule a free, initial consultation by calling our bankruptcy office at 262-725-0175 or by stopping one of our offices in Delavan, Muskego, Salem, or Lake Geneva.


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