Bankruptcy and WE Energies / Alliant Energy Disconnections

Our Union Grove bankruptcy lawyer, Shannon Wynn, noticed a trend this month. Quite a few people landed on our bankruptcy website from searching for the terms “Does Chapter 13 Stop WE Energies”, “Will Alliant Energy Disconnect in the Winter”, and other various search terms under this topic. In this post, Attorney Shannon Wynn wants to address this topic and offer some advice.

WE Energies and Alliant Energy Winter Disconnections and Bankruptcy

First, Attorney Shannon Wynn will address the main question at hand. Does a bankruptcy stop WE Energies or Alliant Energy? The answer is yes.

If you qualify and file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are required to produce all debts to the trustee for discharge. This includes utility bills. If your bankruptcy gets discharged, you will no longer be responsible for the utility debts. However, Attorney Shannon Wynn wants you to keep in mind that to continue service after bankruptcy you many need to submit a lump sum deposit to WE Energies or Alliant Energy.

If you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your outstanding utility bills will be wrapped up into the repayment plan. Disconnection will no longer be an issue. However, you must make your repayment plan payments on time.

In Wisconsin, your heating source is not disconnected during the winter months from November through April. You can find the exact dates on your provider’s website. But, if you are even “Googling” to find out if you can be disconnected, you aren’t addressing the bigger problem.

File a Union Grove Bankruptcy to Stop Accruing More Debt

The bigger issue is accruing more debt. If you are having problems paying your utility bills, you may want to consider bankruptcy as an option. What happens in April when WE Energies or Alliant wants back payment in full from all the winter months you didn’t pay, or else they shut off your service? If you are having a hard time coming up with a couple hundred dollars for your heat and gas bills, then you will have even bigger trouble coming up with $1200 in the spring.

It doesn’t make sense to accrue more debt this way. There is no reason to stress during the entire winter season wondering what you are going to do to keep the lights on in the spring. Make a change now. Bankruptcy may be the relief you need to get your finances back on track and give yourself a fresh start for the New Year.

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