Credit counseling makes sense now more than ever

Wynn at Law, LLC sees a wide variety of bankruptcy clients. Young families and retirees. Executives and hourly wage earners. Men and women, with or without spouses. The common thread through our entire family of clients is that – when it comes to bankruptcy – managing finances became a problem. It may have been suddenly. It may be long in the making. Either way, credit counseling is an important required part of the path that most find beneficial.


Pre-bankruptcy credit counseling became a requirement as a result of The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005: Twelve years ago and just three years before a recession brought a steady stream of bankruptcy filings. The significant reform of the bankruptcy system was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bush and created tighter eligibility requirements. Because of that Act, most people filing for bankruptcy now undergo credit counseling in a government-approved program. Wait, there’s more. After the conclusion of bankruptcy proceedings, but before any debt can be discharged, debtors also participate in a government-approved post-bankruptcy financial management education program.
Don’t let the label ‘government-approved’ scare you off: These programs are harmless. You can find out which agencies have been approved for our area just by giving us a call.

Pre-bankruptcy counseling was put into place in 2005 to potentially steer people out of the courts if a repayment plan would work instead of filing. Counseling is required even if it’s obvious a repayment plan won’t work. Usually, by the time you’ve called Wynn at Law, you’ve already discovered your debts are too high and your income is too low.

The pre- and post-bankruptcy programs don’t shame you into submission. On the contrary, another set of eyes takes an impartial look at your situation in the pre-bankruptcy course. You might learn from your missteps. The second of the two required programs gives you solid financial management practices that will keep you from facing unmanageable debt again. That just makes sense: As much as Wynn at Law values your business, it’s a good thing when we don’t have repeat bankruptcy customers.

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