Wynn at Law, LLC is frequently on the lookout for its clients when it comes to their two largest investments: The retirement nest egg, and the family home. We’ll talk about the nest egg, wills, estates, and wealth transfer several times in the coming weeks. However, this week I’ve noticed how low real estate inventory is in southeast Wisconsin, so let’s cover what that means for the legal rights of buyers and sellers.


Low inventory means it is a seller’s market and that’s excellent news if you have a property to market. Typically bidding favors you:  It’s supply and demand. However, deals can still be found for buyers in the market today. The key on either side of the transaction is an effective attorney, and here are five reasons why.
1) Offers need speedy attention during a low-inventory cycle. No buyer should make one, no seller should accept one, without a legal review. Real estate agents all know attorneys for this reason. (Did you know you can choose your own instead?) Without an experienced real estate attorney in a buyer’s corner, it gives time for other buyers to enter the bidding.
2) Home sellers are more inclined to go For Sale By Owner (FSBO) when the inventory is light. Their theory is that real estate agents add value when there is a glut of homes on the market. In my opinion, the theory is a little over-simplified, but to each, their own. A buyer’s attorney makes sure the transaction represents the buyer’s best interests… the FSBO seller’s attorney ensures the seller’s rights are protected in the face of mortgage lenders and the legal transfer of the deed.
3) A seller’s market often triggers buyers to take on properties as-is or with minimal improvement in order to beat other buyers to the table. Wynn at Law, LLC sees several lake properties a year that fall into this category in buyer’s markets, too. A buyer’s attorney makes sure the client doesn’t get in over his or her legal head.
4) Time is a recurring theme here. The attorneys coordinate the closing to encompass every detail in one sitting. A missing deed or inspection will impact the mortgage which will impact the deal.
Know how many initials and signatures are involved in the transaction? Dozens. All are binding. It seems monotonous. It can also seem threatening. Attorneys add value by taking emotion out of a big investment and scrutinizing every detail, which saves time, money… or both in a seller’s market.
*The content and material in this original post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.
 Photo by Alex Raths, used with permission.

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