Bankruptcy Attorney Discusses Medical Bills

It’s no secret that medical bills are often the cause of a Southeastern Wisconsin bankruptcy. Many Southeastern Wisconsin residents find themselves under a pile of bills after a major illness or injury. Even if you have health insurance, health insurance rarely covers 100% of medical bills. Copayments, non-covered services, and out of pocket expenses add up fast.

Southeastern Wisconsin medical bankruptcy attorneySoutheastern Wisconsin bankruptcy attorney, Shannon Wynn, asks you to consider this scenario:

After a lengthy hospital stay with the best health insurance coverage of 90%/10%, one must realize that even 10% of a $100,000 bill is $10,000. To add to the turmoil, the patient hasn’t been able to work while recovering. Most Southeastern Wisconsin residents end up having to file a bankruptcy because they do not have this large amount of cash to cover the medical debt.

Southeastern Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney Explains How Excessive Medical Bills Ruin Financial Stability

There are a lot of “maybes” in this situation. Maybe medical bill collectors are calling. Maybe you ran up a credit card to pay the medical bills and cannot get out from under the interest and late fees. Maybe you refinanced your Southeastern Wisconsin home or took out a personal loan to pay the medical bills and are now struggling with the payments. Maybe you are paying a nominal fee each month in good faith to try and pay off the medical bills, but this course of action is taking too long and the medical provider is wanting more money now. Maybe you haven’t been able to pay the medical bills at all. Our Southeastern Wisconsin bankruptcy attorney advises to consider filing for bankruptcy, if this sounds like you. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is never a good way to get out of debt. It only aggravates the situation.

Filing a Southeastern Wisconsin Medical Bankruptcy is Okay

Our Southeastern Wisconsin bankruptcy attorney wants you to know that is okay to file a bankruptcy due to medical reasons. Bankruptcy exists to help people get out from under overwhelming bills and to give individuals a fresh start. A Southeastern Wisconsin Bankruptcy not only helps you, but it also helps your medical providers by putting an end to the collection process and allowing the medical provider a tax break due to an unpaid bill. Bankruptcy helps everyone involved in the situation.

Talk with a Southeastern Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney

There are various forms of bankruptcy available to relieve you from excessive medical bills. To find out which type of bankruptcy you will qualify for, speak with a Southeastern Wisconsin bankruptcy attorney. After a major illness or injury, it is most important to focus on healing and to not worry about medical bills. Our Southeastern Wisconsin bankruptcy attorney offers a free consultation. Contact Shannon Wynn at Wynn at Law, LLC at 262-725-0175 or via our Southeastern Wisconsin Bankruptcy contact webpage.

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