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Utility Disconnection and Bankruptcy

The Wisconsin winter season can be tough on the pocketbook. We celebrate costly holidays in November and December, receive and owe on our Wisconsin real estate tax bills in January, and our utility bills skyrocket every month. The last few...
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Wisconsin Income Taxes

Information and Documents Needed to File Your Federal and Wisconsin Income Taxes

When you know what information you need beforehand, Federal and Wisconsin tax return filing becomes a lot easier. Use this handy list to help you prepare for Federal and Wisconsin income tax return filing.
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Elkhorn WI debt settlement scam

Don’t Become the Victim of a Debt Settlement Scam

Elkhorn, Wisconsin residents seeking debt relief or a debt settlement company must heed the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” Unfortunately, there are a lot of dishonest companies in this world and...
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Kenosha Bankruptcy Income Tax Discharge

Criteria for Discharging Income Tax Debt Through Bankruptcy

Do you owe the IRS a large sum of money? You may be able to discharge your IRS income tax debt through a Kenosha Bankruptcy filing. Take a look at the criteria below. You must meet all criteria listed below...
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Walworth County bankruptcy tax refund

Learn How You Can File Bankruptcy and Keep Your Tax Refund

Tax season is upon us. Most of us are looking forward to a nice-sized income tax refund check, but what happens to your refund check if you are planning to file a Walworth County bankruptcy? Will the trustee confiscate your...
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thrifty Christmas to avoid East Troy bankruptcy

Don’t Let Christmas Cause Bankruptcy

People tend to get a bit crazy during the Christmas season. We over do it on decorations, gifts, and a large family dinner. Don’t let the lack of self control cause you to file an East Troy bankruptcy. Instead, implement...
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union grove bankruptcy budget for new year

Avoid Bankruptcy by Creating a Budget for the New Year

The New Year is right around the corner and with that comes a fresh start. The New Year is an opportunity to do things right with a clean slate. This pertains to all facets of life, including your finances. You...
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foreclosure, deed in lieu, short sale

Foreclosure, Deed in Lieu, Short Sale – What’s the Difference?

When a Walworth County homeowner cannot make their agreed upon mortgage payments, there are three common outcomes: The bank could foreclose on the home. The homeowner could sign a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure or the homeowner can try to...
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Best Walworth County Bankruptcy Law Firm

Why Choose Our Bankruptcy Law Firm

Wynn at Law, LLC understands that you have many options when choosing a Walworth bankruptcy law firm. Every Walworth bankruptcy law firm will claim to be the best. How will you know which bankruptcy law firm IS the best? To...
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