Know Your Rights If Your Home Is Being Sold at a Tax Sale

Is your home being sold at a Walworth County tax sale? If so, you may want to know what rights you do and don’t have in regards to your real estate property. Below we’ve answered some of the most common questions regarding the tax sale process.

Walworth County tax sale home owner rights

Frequent Questions from Home Owners Regarding a Walworth County Tax Sale

What is a tax sale? A home is sold during a Walworth County tax sale when delinquent taxes are due and owing for a period of three years. If you don’t pay your taxes for three years, then your home can be sold to the public for the amount of the delinquent taxes due, plus any other involved fees.

Who is notified that my home is being sold at a Walworth County tax sale? The person responsible for making the tax payments is notified. This person is usually, you, the homeowner. The tax sale is also announced to the public. You can usually find a list of properties being sold on the county website.

How can I prevent my property from being sold at a Walworth County tax sale? There are three ways to prevent your home from being sold. 1. Pay your back taxes or enter into a payment plan with the County. 2. If you are on military leave, you must notify the tax treasurer of your active military status. 3. File for bankruptcy. Learn more about your bankruptcy options by scheduling a free, initial consultation with our Walworth County real estate lawyer.

What if I own multiple lots? Can I designate a particular parcel to be sold in order to satisfy the delinquent taxes due and owing? Yes, you can. Notify the Walworth County tax treasurer to do so.

If my home was sold at a Walworth County tax sale, how can I get it back? You must pay the tax sale purchase price, plus penalties and interest, to the county treasurer. The treasurer will then pay the tax purchaser. Visit the office of the county treasurer right away.

Can my family or friends redeem my property for me? Of course, they can. Anyone can pay the total amount due and owing in order to redeem your property. They will not own your property if paying on your behalf. The redemption will be in the name of the tax debtor.

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