Risks of Hiring a Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney

One of the most difficult hurdles bankruptcy clients face is paying bankruptcy attorney fees when they are already broke. However, the last thing a bankruptcy client should do is hire the cheapest bankruptcy attorney they can find. There are many low-cost bankruptcy attorneys who advertise their cheap prices to unsuspecting clients, just like you. You must use extreme caution. The old saying, “You get what you pay for” holds true for bankruptcy attorney fees, too.
Cheap Elkhorn Bankruptcy Attorney

Hiring a Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney Can Be a Huge Mistake

When you research bankruptcy attorney fees, you may find a huge spread in the price ranges. This is due to the quality of work that will be dedicated to your case. This could be disastrous for you. Hiring a bankruptcy attorney who is not skilled, experienced, or knowledgeable in bankruptcy law, could potentially end with your bankruptcy case being thrown out. Once that happens, it is over. You get one shot. You don’t want to blow it.

While not all inexpensive bankruptcy attorneys are ignorant of bankruptcy laws and not all expensive bankruptcy attorneys are outstanding, you will need to proceed with caution. Research is the key to finding the best bankruptcy attorney for your needs. There are many more factors to consider, besides price, when looking for a competent bankruptcy attorney. You should also consider the following:

1. Does the attorney focus in bankruptcy? Many attorneys add bankruptcy to their list of practice areas since there is a fast turnaround on bankruptcy cases. These attorneys are only practicing bankruptcy for the quick money and they do not know the bankruptcy code inside and out. The quality of work performed on your bankruptcy case will be compromised.

2. What is the bankruptcy attorney’s success rate? Find out how many of the attorney’s bankruptcy cases were actually approved and debts discharged by the bankruptcy court.

3. How comfortable were you with the bankruptcy attorney during your initial consultation? You should not only “click” with your bankruptcy attorney, but you should also feel comfortable with his or her level of knowledge. Did the attorney answer all your questions with certainty? Do you feel you can trust this person?

4. Are there any hidden fees? Many bankruptcy attorneys will advertise a cheap price, but as your case progresses, there will be many fees added that you were not forewarned about. In the end, these hidden fees will cost you more than an honest, experienced bankruptcy attorney.

5. Who will be working on your bankruptcy case? Make sure you are working with an attorney and not a legal assistant. Many bankruptcy clients find they meet with a cheap bankruptcy attorney during the initial consultation and, once hired, never hear from them again.

6. How can the bankruptcy attorney afford to charge so little? Find out how many bankruptcy cases the law firm handles. They may be charging so little because they are handling a large volume of bankruptcy cases. These types of law firms are called bankruptcy mills. Don’t expect your bankruptcy file to get the attention it deserves.

7. What is the bankruptcy attorney’s response time to questions? How quickly will your phone calls and emails be answered about your bankruptcy case during the process? Many bankruptcy clients find they meet with a cheap bankruptcy attorney during the initial consultation and, once hired, response times are very slow or nonexistent.

Choose Your Bankruptcy Attorney Wisely

The Bankruptcy Code is extremely complex. There have been many changes to the law over the last several years. You need an experienced and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney on your side. At Wynn at Law, our Elkhorn bankruptcy attorney has a 100% success rate, strictly practices bankruptcy, and is the only attorney handling your bankruptcy case. Your file will not be passed off to someone else. Your phone calls and emails will be answered promptly. There are no hidden fees involved with your attorney fees. There are no long lines in our waiting rooms. Wynn at Law also offers convenient payment plans to make our bankruptcy attorney fees affordable for you.

Contact Our Bankruptcy Attorney

Our bankruptcy attorney offers a free, initial consultation. Please, feel free to schedule your consultation any time via phone or through our website. You can reach our bankruptcy attorney by phone at 262-725-0175 or by email on our website’s contact page. Wynn at Law has bankruptcy offices conveniently located in Lake Geneva, Delavan, and Salem.

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