medical bills
We are frequently seeing clients with ‘surprise’ medical bills when Wynn at Law,LLC counsels people through bankruptcy proceedings. Catastrophic medical bills are, unfortunately, one of the more common reasons for Chapter 7. Usually those clients didn’t have insurance coverage. The surprise medical bills to which this article refers are bills health insurance did not cover.
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Warning Signs of Bankruptcy
Most of Wynn at Law, LLC‘s bankruptcy clients face sudden situations that have them considering filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I’m talking about things like massive medical bills or sudden job loss. Finances can be a difficult balancing act at other times as well, so I put together a quick list of warning...
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Man with Long Nose - Not Honest
When Wynn atLaw, LLC works with bankruptcy clients, we emphasize brutal honesty benefits them more than it would embarrass them. Bankruptcy isn’t meant to shame a debtor. It’s meant to help the debtor move out from under an unmovable mountain of bills. Honesty can be thought of as a carrot and stick.
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