7 Signs You’re Living Beyond Your Means

Maybe you don’t think it’s a problem. Maybe you don’t think it’s that big of a problem. (“It” being your financial situation) You’re falling behind on bills, making partial payments to creditors, and robbing Peter to pay Paul. But, it’s not that big of a deal. You’ll catch up soon, right? “Right” is most likely “Wrong” and you’ll realize you are wrong when it’s too late. You can fix the problem of rising debt before it grows out of control by knowing the signs. Elkhorn, Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyer, Shannon Wynn, lists 7 signs you’re living beyond your means. Read them below.


7 Signs You’re Living Beyond Your Means

1. You Constantly Carry a Credit Card Balance. There is no problem at all with using a credit card to pay for items. However, you should be paying off the balance each month. If you carry a balance month to month, you’re spending more than you can afford. You’ll need to make a double, triple, or quadruple payment to get yourself out of the red.

Elkhorn bankruptcy lawyer lists signs living beyond your means2. You Can’t Pay Your Bills on Time. You may have good intentions, but if you don’t have enough money in the bank to pay your bills on time, then you are living beyond your means. Elkhorn bankruptcy lawyer, Shannon Wynn, suggests reexamining your spending habits. You may need to forego some luxuries such as nail salon visits, morning coffee runs, or weekend pizza and drinks. It’s imperative that you cut back now and get your bills under control before your bills are out of control.

3. You’re Not Saving. You should be able to pay all your bills on time each month and still save at least 5% of your income, 10%-15% would be even better. If you aren’t saving at all, or you are constantly robbing your savings account to pay bills, then you need to budget.

4. You’ve Been Denied Credit. Even if you think you can handle the payments, your existing debt may be too high of a risk for a creditor to lend to you. Your current credit score may be below 700 points. You may pay bills on time, but have nothing left at the end of the month. You may pay bills, but not on time, and some end up in collections dinging your credit score. You may be piling up debt and not able to pay any of it off. Whatever the situation, many factors go into being denied credit. Being denied new credit is a major sign that you are living beyond your means.

5. Your Credit Cards Are Maxed Out. Having a credit card for emergencies is one thing. Maxing out every credit card you own is another. Elkhorn, Wisconsin bankruptcy attorney, Shannon Wynn, says possessing several credit cards with no available money left is a major concern. Missing just one payment can put you over the credit card limit due to the late charges and interest fees. Exceeding the credit card limit can really hurt your finances. How can you afford the monthly payment? To top it off, your credit report is taking a beating.

6. More Than 28% of Your Income Goes to Housing. Calculate what percentage of your monthly gross income goes toward your mortgage, property taxes, and home owners’ insurance or rent and renters’ insurance. If it’s more than 28% of your gross income, then you are more than likely in over your head. 28% is the magic number most lenders use as a guideline to ensure a person can properly pay for their home, plus live a comfortable lifestyle. If you are in over 28%, you should consider downsizing to a more comfortable price range.

7. You Don’t Budget. Elkhorn bankruptcy attorney, Shannon Wynn, states that having a budget in place is one of the most important pieces to obtaining financial freedom. Most people have never made an honest assessment of their spending. Not budgeting is a tell tale sign that you may be living beyond your means. Attorney Shannon Wynn recommends that you monitor your spending for a couple months and see where your money is really going. Then, you can set up a budget, knowing full well where you can cut back. Be sure to budget for savings, too, not just monthly bills.


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