Tips to Reduce Energy Bills During Fall and Winter

Elkhorn bankruptcy attorney Shannon Wynn knows that fall and winter are the hardest times of year to save money. Your gas bill goes up. Your electric bill skyrockets. Your vehicle is using more gas. You’re spending money on holiday dinners and holiday gifts. Property taxes are due just one short month after Christmas. How can anyone be expected to actually save money during this time? It seems impossible. Our Elkhorn bankruptcy attorney, Shannon Wynn, has put together a list of strategies to help you save money during fall and winter.


Simple Measures to Save Money Throughout Fall and Winter from Elkhorn Bankruptcy Attorney, Shannon Wynn

Elkhorn bankruptcy attorney energy savings tips1. Use the Sun. During the summer months, we close our blinds and curtains during the day to keep the sun out and then open up our windows at night. This keeps our homes cool. During the fall and winter months, we can do just the opposite. Open your curtains and blinds during the day to allow the sunlight into your home. This is free, natural heat. Then, close your curtains and blinds at sundown to keep the cold out.

2. Plastic Your Windows. Most of us know about this one already, but it is definitely worth sharing. You can buy plastic window kits at any department store, such as Wal-Mart or Home Depot. Plastic window kits come in all sizes, including patio door size. The plastic is tightly fixed to the inside of your window frame, either with a sticky tape or with a blow dryer. Our Elkhorn bankruptcy attorney, Shannon Wynn, adds that you can buy thermal, insulated, energy-efficient curtains to hang over your windows for an additional savings on your heating costs.

3. Adjust Your Thermostat. You can manually adjust your thermostat or purchase a programmable thermostat. Bundle up while at home by wearing more layers and covering with blankets. Turn your thermostat down to as low as possible while still being warm and comfortable under your layer of clothes and blankets. Turn your thermostat down anywhere from 10-15 degrees while sleeping and while away, such as during the week while at work. You’ll save anywhere from 10-30% on your heating costs, depending on how much time you spend away from the home and sleeping.

4. Caulk. Caulk around your windows and doors to seal air leaks. Replace your weatherstripping where needed.

5. Use a Draft Stopper. Purchase draft stoppers to stop air leaks underneath your doors. If on a tight budget, Attorney Shannon Wynn suggests pushing a blanket up against the bottom of your door to help stop the cold air from getting inside your home. This tactic will work just as well.

6. Make Use of Used Heat. If you have already baked dinner in the oven, leave the oven door open as it cools down to keep all the additional heat produced by the oven inside your home. This holds true for toaster ovens, rotisseries, etc.

7. Clean Your Furnace. Have your furnace serviced and cleaned. Our Elkhorn bankruptcy attorney, Shannon Wynn, also adds to remember to replace your furnace filters.

8. Maintain Your Fireplace and/or Wood Burning Stove. If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove, be sure to have it cleaned prior to winter. This will make the system more efficient and avoid a terrifying house fire. Turn your thermostat down while using your fireplace or wood burning stove. Tip from Elkhorn bankruptcy attorney, Shannon Wynn: Remember to keep your fireplace damper closed when you aren’t burning wood. Leaving the damper open is like throwing money out an open window.

9. Close Off Rooms. If there are parts of your home that you do not use much, seal them off from the rest of the home during fall and winter months. This could be unused bedrooms, porches, lower levels, etc. Close doors and/or turn off 2nd furnaces that would be used for those portions of the home.

10. Reduce Water Heating Costs. Some tips include: Turn down your water heater thermostat. Insulate your tank and pipes. Wash your clothes in cold water. Buy energy star appliances. Install slow flowing faucets and shower heads.

11. Use LED Holiday Lighting. You can reduce holiday decorating costs by purchasing LED lights instead of using the older string sets.

Almost every tip included in this money saving list by Elkhorn bankruptcy attorney, Shannon Wynn, is low-cost or free. Implement the suggestions on this list and you are sure to free up some much needed cash this fall and winter season. If you have any questions regarding debt relief, contact Wynn at Law’s Elkhorn bankruptcy attorney, Shannon Wynn, at 262-725-0175 or visit a Wynn at Law office in Delavan, Lake Geneva, Salem, or Muskego, Wisconsin.

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