Kenosha bankruptcy attorney says make a plan
There are many myths surrounding life after bankruptcy. The fact is, you can rebuild your credit and your life after bankruptcy. Our Kenosha bankruptcy attorney separates fact from fiction in this post.
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Kenosha bankruptcy lawyer trustee questions
When you file a Kenosha bankruptcy, whether it be a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13, you must attend a meeting of creditors. During the meeting of creditors, the bankruptcy trustee will verify the information in your bankruptcy petition. At the meeting, you will be placed under oath and you must answer questions in regard...
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Southeastern Wisconsin medical bankruptcy attorney
It’s no secret that medical bills are often the cause of a Southeastern Wisconsin bankruptcy. Many Southeastern Wisconsin residents find themselves under a pile of bills after a major illness or injury. Even if you have health insurance, health insurance rarely covers 100% of medical bills. Copayments, non-covered services, and out of pocket expenses add...
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Southeastern Wisconsin attorney discusses inherited IRAs
If you are planning to file bankruptcy and have inherited an IRA account from your parents, our Southeastern Wisconsin bankruptcy attorney wants you to be aware that your inherited IRA is not safe from creditors. A unanimous decision from the U.S. Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that inherited IRA accounts are not protected from...
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Delavan bankruptcy lawyer explains filing bankruptcy alone
Our bankruptcy lawyer knows that filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision. There are so many questions you may need answered before you decide that filing a Delavan bankruptcy is the right thing to do for your current situation. If you are married, one of those questions may be whether to file bankruptcy jointly or...
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Kenosha Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lose Car or Truck
Many Kenosha residents fear filing for bankruptcy because they are afraid they will lose their car or truck when filing a Kenosha Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This is a topic brought up often during our initial bankruptcy consultations. The truth is that you can keep your vehicle as long as you meet certain bankruptcy criteria. Most...
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Walworth Bankruptcy IRA
Our Walworth Bankruptcy Attorney has heard time and again from clients that they are afraid to file bankruptcy for fear of losing their retirement funds, such as their IRA. Firstly, we would like you to know that in most cases, your IRA and other retirement funds will be protected. The current Wisconsin bankruptcy code allows...
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